Birdie's Frozen Drinks



Why Birdie’s Frozen Drinks? Well, lets start with who Birdie is….

Toby Rose, owner, was gifted with bringing a lovely little girl into the world named Ava. The name Ava derives from the Latin meaning “Bird.” When Ava was 2 years old she started going by the nick name Little Bird which transpired into Birdie. 

Now we know who Birdie is, but why Frozen Drinks? 

When Birdie was 3 years old she developed a love for dessert as any child would who has had the enjoyment to taste something sweet! Birdie made it habitual to ask, “What’s for dessert daddy?” prior to dinner being served. It became a common joke among friends, family, and co-workers to always ask Toby (birdie's dad) what was for dessert! Birdie loved ice-cream and dessert, so Toby purchased an ice-cream maker for home use. Since ice-cream isn’t the most nutritional and has a significant amount of dairy, he started formulating frozen, healthier, and refreshing concoctions such as Frozen Lemonade, Frozen Sweet Tea, and Frozen Strawberry Lemonade for not only Birdie but the entire neighborhood, friends, family and coworkers. The crafted frozen lemonade was so good we felt the need to build a business around it based on the demand of the product.

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